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Learn the high-impact skills that top companies want.

  • Whether you’re looking to enhance your coding skills for your existing job or completely change your career, we can help you out
  • We have developed an industry-led curriculum that’s firmly focused on business needs that will teach you the most in-demand web development technologies and practices
  • Learn by building. Throughout the program, you will build projects in lectures, through paired programming and you'll have the opportunity to build your own projects.
Graph of top 20 in-demand skills

Bournecoders is the place to become a work-ready software developer.

  • There is a shortage of software developers in the UK with a software developer being the most in-demand role sought by employers (Tech Nation, 2021).
  • Learn to think like a professional software developer teaching you how to break down and solve complex problems.
  • Coding is just part of the job. We will teach you soft skills and common industry practices as well as giving you exposure to working with other software developers to help mimic a real professional working environment.
Work, live and learn by the sea 🌅

Remote development is on the rise

  • Since the Covid pandemic, the nature of work is changing with more remote developer roles being advertised than ever.
  • Tech industry roles, such as Front-End Developers, Web Developers, and Remote Developers are among the most sought after by employers.
  • Geography is no longer a restriction: allowing you to work, live, and learn in one of the most beautiful places in the UK.
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